The chocolate tour and tasting is a three-hour guided educational adventure where you will learn all about the cacao tree and see how chocolate is made from the cacao fruit (cacao pods).  Learn about permaculture,  sustainable farming and exotic fruits.

Chocolate tours and tasting are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  They start at 9:30 AM. Call 808-634-6812  to reserve a space on the next tour. The tour and tasting is open rain or shine. The cost is $75 a person, kids (12 to 4) $29 and kids 3 and under are free.  We are located on the North Shore of Kauai in Kilauea.  

During the tour we sit down to an EXTENSIVE chocolate tasting to sample Hawaiian grown and made chocolates. We keep the percentages of cacao high (85%) to ensure the health benefits.  If you like dark chocolate, you will love this tour.

In the all you can eat chocolate tasting we sample over 20 types of chocolates including hot chocolate made in the traditional Latin American style with fresh ground chocolate liquor, fresh whole vanilla pods, fresh ground all spice, fresh coconut meat and coconut milk, and local honey (no cane sugar).

Advanced reservations are required.

Some of the samples available to stimulate your taste buds and satisfy your soul:

mole, coconut milk curry, chinese 5 spice, garam marsala, spicy pepper (chipotle and cayenne ), mint butter cream, allspice, sea salt, saindoux, almond butter, garlic, blueberry, orange with criollo nibs, dried cherries, hempseed, single varieties from Kauai and the Big Island, plain 85% with fresh roasted nibs, cajun spice, truffles of assorted flavors, durian truffles, expresso cream truffles, ginger, macadamia nut, shredded toasted coconut, tahitian lime and many more...

Taste the Aloha.


Best experience on Kauai yet! Thanks for doing this!" Omar & Barbara N. CA

“I loved the farm! I had a great time.” Isabella from Los Angeles, CA. Age 8

“So great to try all the wonderful fruit and of course the chocolate as well. The Chocolate is delicious!” Susian Franden, Boise Idaho

Phenomenal!!! Keep up the geat chocolate work!!” Michael

“This was a very informative and unique experience, one of a kind. We are so excitied we had the opportunity to experience this educational tour.It was a ton of information. Thank you for the experience! The chocolate was amazing and I loved the miracle berries.”

Natalie & Chris Aont, CA

“This was one of the most interesting and unique experiences we’ve ever had! We learned a lot and your chocolates are really awesone. Love the miracle berry experience!” Todd & Christine Newman, San Diego, CA.

“Interesting tour! The fruit was so good and juicy. Chocolate was heavenly, thanks.” Margaret Bogdan and Partick Mable, Edmonton Canada

“All I can say is WOW!!!” Remy & Chris Moore

Awesone tour and Chocolate! True love comes in the form of chocolate, and yours is the best of the best. Alaska needs your product  Lots of hard work makes makes the best chocolate, best I have ever had!” Jim & Penny Ressler, Alaskan Folks

“Incredible Chocolate!! Thank you for such and informative tour. We hope your farm has much continued success.” Peter & Joanne Burtt, Epping, N.H.

“The educational experience and customer service was as excellent as the chocolate! I’m very glad my wife brought me on this tour. I’d recommend it to anyone!” Stan Johnson – Utah

“Thank you for an amazing and educational experience. We had a fabulous time that we will never forget.” Jenni, Nate, Lydia & Genevive Mexiano – Grand Rapids MN

“Thanks for the tour. The info was great. Chocolate was wonderful.” Fort St. John, B.C. – Canada

“Loved the tour! It was very informative. Touch, smell, taste, excellent selling toos. Thank you!” Rod & Debbie Stetner – Quincy WA

“As a culunary student this was the best tour ever!” Kandy Stetner

Wonderful tour, even the little guy loved it.” Kathleen Owen Hunt

“This has been an amazing experience and very educational (expecially for my children). Loved the tour!” Sheila & Terry Zats, St. Paul, MN

Excellent!!” Judith & Robert Davis – Phila, PA

This was amazing! Thank you so much” Julia & Kim deSousa

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful educational experience!! This was so much fun and we really enjoyed ourselves.” Abby & Charlie

“We love to see things done locally. You guys have a great thing going. We really enjoyed it.” Allycia & Michael Le Compte – Semford ME

The tour was a testament to Kauai as a paradise. Really wonderful. Thank you.” Bob & Kathy Eiler Grote, NYC, 

Wow! This was really a lot of fun and very educational! The berries were amazing…enjoyed the chocolate too!” Kim & Coli Holtman

“This was really cool! Much more then what we expected. Thanks so much for the wonderful tour and chocolate!” Sheri & Larry Knox

Enjoyed your passion! Well worth while.” Susan & Steve Calout, Atlanta, GA

“Wonderful tour for the kids! Loved it! We are home schooling and it was very educational. Thank You.” Rebecca & Heath Cardie & boys

“Thanks for sharing your beautiful organic farm. You guys are doing some wonderful work for your community and planet, blessings.” Sarah & Skye & Maya

“The tour was incredibly informative, great pace & loved the tasting. This was GREAT! Lovely surprise. Very glad you are here!” Marlene Patterson

“Thank you! The best tour I’ve had on Kauai - and this isn’t the chocolate talking.  Karen Roberts

“A definate must do while on the island! Wonderful views, delicious flavors, educational and great chocolate! We loved it!!” Nathan & Margarita Walker

“What a wonderful, fun, educational tour! Delicious chocolates!! Actually, outstanding & the best flavors ever!” Robert & tina Aragon

“Absolutely fantastic tour – so informative! Jesse was great! Koa did a great job too! Beautiful grounds & so worth the drive. Excellent!” Mark & Pam Tierman – Tulsa, OK

This tour was outstanding. A combination of the orchard and the chocolate.” John & Ginny Chambers, Oregon

“Wonderful tour and information! I’m not traditionally a chocolate person, but after trying your chocolate I will be. Thank you so much!” Charlotte Mansikka, Puhi, Kauai

A fantastic experience!” Sue & Steve Flood, VA Beach, CA

“Wow! The education was terrific and I truly thank you for opening your lives to us. It was phenomenal. Thank You!” June Hadlock

“Awesome tour. Everything will be “sweet” for the rest of the day! Thank You” Cynthia & David, Toranto, Canada

Best of all tours on the island, mix of culture, history, agricultural. Will do the tour at different time of the year to see something new.” Margie Smith, Salem, OR

“Thank you, The BEST part of our trip!! Good luck!….Davis Family

“Fantastic! So informative and fun. Best chocolate I’ve tasted!” Chicago, IL

Loved every minute of the tour! Would love to bring some of this information into my classroom.” E. Portnoff

“Wonderful tour. You guys need to produce a book! We love the sustainable aspects and we learned a lot! Thanks!” The Gallup & Bridge Family, Montery, CA

“I have recently been learning of the health benefits of chocolate, but this tour was the most informative education I have had. As a nutritionist, I can now educate my clients on the true nature of chocolate, how it grows, how it’s prcessed and how to truly enjoy it! Excellent tour!” Dee McCaffrey, Tempe, Arizona

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tour! So great! Thanks!” Ana Camacho from Maryland

“You guys are amazingly knowledgable and very friendly. What a stunning plot of land. Keep up the fantastic work!” Ryan Johnston

“Fabulous tour, sooo interesting, very memorable, beautiful grounds, excellent guides, glad we didn’t miss the opportunity! Mahalo!” Mark and Aureen Weinsteri

“The guides were very knowledgable about the chocolate and the plants on the property. It was the best tour that I have ever been on.” Alex Timpe, Lafayette, Colorado

Bliss! Gorgeous! A gem! Jesse is a master tour guide. Thank you Jesse! We love your farm and are so greatful!” Dan & Mary Watson

“Thank you very much for the tour. I loved all the tastes and smells. This is the most tactile tour I’ve ever taken.” Tim & Diane

“Enjoyed this very unique & informative tour, very knowledgeable guides with a passion for what they do.” Joann & Tim Kuprice, CT

“Best day of my life. Period.” Jeni