Aloha Everyone!

Just a few minutes ago Hawaii’s Governor, David Ige, imposed a 14-day quarantine on anyone arriving in Hawaii. This will begin on Thursday, March 26. All visitors will be required to quarantine in their hotel rooms or rented accommodations. Returning residents must quarantine at home.

Additionally, Kaua’i’s Mayor, Derek Kawakami, instituted a nighttime curfew here on Kaua’i. Everyone needs to be off the streets and in their homes or hotel rooms from9:00pm-5:00am.

If you have plans to come to Hawaii next month we strongly urge you to postpone your trip. Although the quarantine is for 14 days, we truly do not have any idea how long this will last. We do not want you to come here just to be stuck in your hotel room. Additionally, nearly all activities (helicopter tours, boat tours, hikes, etc.) have shut down. All State parks (for example, Polihale, Koke’e and Haena here on Kaua’i) have been closed. Restaurants and bars can offer take out or delivery service only. We have been encouraged (although not required-at least not yet!) to remain at home and not congregate in groups of more than 10 people.

These measures have come about because the number of COVID-19 cases here in Hawaii have dramatically risen–from 16 to 48 in just five days. One child is among the ill. All but two of the cases are either visitors or residents who came to, or returned to, Hawaii already infected or locals that work in the tour industry and became infected. Of this number, three of them are here on Kaua’i. All three of these cases are visitors who arrived ill. At this rate, our health care system will soon not be able to keep up. Additionally, we are an island state. If this thing blows up here, we have no place to run. We need to stop it now.

Because of the size of our shop and the fact we only have 2 employees, we can easily maintain a safe “social distancing” environment for our employees and the few customers who may enter our shop. Since we are a food manufacturing facility, we already adhere to very stringent federal guidelines with respect to food safety, personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness. However, our new hours are 10:00am-4:00pm–closing an hour earlier than normal. This is Hawaii Standard Time (6 hours behind Eastern Time and 3 hours behind Pacific Time). This will allow our employees time to take care of any personal errands after work and still be home in plenty of time for the curfew.

I fully expect that, like California, New York and New Jersey, we will be asked to “shelter-in-place” at some point. At that time we will close our shop to the public, but if at all possible, maintain our production and shipping capabilities.

Meanwhile, if you need anything or would like find out more please email us at [email protected]

We are certainly experiencing some extraordinary and surreal times. I am confident that we will get through this and emerge stronger than ever–as a people and as a nation!

To our family, friends, colleagues, and customers–please stay safe and healthy! We love you and look forward to seeing you again when this health crisis is over. To all of the healthcare workers, first responders, and food service providers, we send our profound thanks for your selflessness and bravery.

Chocolate Tour & Tasting · $89

Monday · Wednesday · Friday | 9:30am

The chocolate tour and tasting is a three-hour guided educational adventure where you learn all about the cacao tree and see how chocolate is made from the cacao fruit (cacao pods). Learn about permaculture, sustainable farming, and exotic fruits on this delectable chocolate tour.

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Taste the Aloha!

Taste the Aloha on a Chocolate Farm Tour in Kauai!

During your Kauai chocolate farm tour, we sit down to an extensive chocolate tasting (20 types of chocolates), all Hawaiian grown and made. We keep the percentages of cacao high (85%) to ensure the health benefits. If you like dark chocolate, you’re sure to love this tour.

We also make a hot chocolate in the traditional Latin American style with fresh ground chocolate liquor, fresh whole vanilla pods, fresh ground allspice, fresh coconut meat and coconut milk, and local honey (no cane sugar). Sample and savor the best chocolate on all the Hawaiian Islands on a tour with Garden Island Chocolate!